Pacific Bell Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by flyin_illini on May 9, 2001

Pacific Bell Park is a great place to watch a game, watch people, watch the bay, or just watch for the beer man. We attended a game last year between San Francisco and Seattle. The stadium is in SoMa, a short cab ride from downtown. Although Pacific Bell no longer exists as a company (it was acquired by SBC), the stadium is still known as Pac Bell Park, and that probably won't change (just like the 'Stick will always be the 'Stick, regardless of who pays to say otherwise).

The most desirable seat locations in the stadium seem to be the outfield bleachers or the first-base side. The bleacher area is where the party is, and the first-base side seats offer a great bay view (the higher up the better). Our seats were third-base side, which was perfect for watching baseball. After a few innings, we wandered out to right field and watched the end of the game on top of the right-field wall where Barry Bonds likes to hit his home runs (he didn't leave the yard when we were there).

Midwestern baseball fans may have a hard time getting used to Pac Bell's concession offerings. It's quite gourmet. What we in the Midwest would refer to as a dog and a Lite becomes a "specialty sausage" and a Chardonnay at this stadium. The garlic fries are something else, though...

There's a good bar at which to pre- or post-party directly outside the stadium on the third-base side. They serve dogs & beer.

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