Ostrow Tumski

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Church Town

Ostrow Tumski was once an island on the river Odra until they filled in one of its arms, so it's not exaclty an island anymore. More important, however, is the fact that it's here where people first settled in Wroclaw. The area is a pedestrial one and it's the religious centre of the city: locals call it affctionately Church Town. Wroclaw's oldest church can be found here, right by the bridge, as well as the Cathedral (don't miss the Marian Chapel) and the Church of the Holy Cross, which houses two churches within the same building (you really must see it to believe it). The area is interesting during the day but it's magical at night: to see the shapes and outlines of these churches lit by street gas-lamps is very special. The area is very quiet and very safe, too... so there's no reason to miss it.
Ostrow Tumski/Cathedral Island
Southwestern Poland
Wroclaw, Poland


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