Saint Peters in the Vatican

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Bruce on April 15, 2001

Saint Peters will inspire awe and wonder at first sight. The scale of this place is almost unimaginable, and yet understandable, for here lies the center of of Catholic ideology. It is difficult to fathom that one fourth of the world's population is Catholic, and that this place is the very center of the Catholic faith. It therefore stands to reason that the architecture on display here, reflect the absolute power that the church weilds from this place. This is the center of the Catholic world.

Saint Peters was built in the sixteenth century AD as a monument to the Apostle Peter on the site of another church that had existed here from the fourth century. It is ironic that a mere few miles separate this extravagant church, from another structure, at one time used to kill christians for sport, The Coloseum. Photographs are completely inadequate in describing this place, this is a place that must be experienced first hand. When you enter Saint Peters Square,you at once feel humbled and insignificant, and must immediately stop and attempt to contemplate the grandeur around you. I realized upon entering Saint Peters Square that everything here, the statues, frescos, paintings, murals and gold have a profound religous significance. Everything here is designed to show the world that this is the focal point of christendom.

I hadn't realized before coming here that it is a place everyone should experience, but be forwarned that nothing will prepare you for what you are about to see. I will next year, have the privilige of showing this place to my wife, born in Sicily, Rome, especially Saint Peters and the Vatican. Believe it or not she has only seen it in the pictures I took.
Vatican City
Rome, Italy

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