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Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre: located on the Isle of Dogs, DSWC is based in a modern, purpose built facility at the west end of Millwall Dock. The first floor has a glass wall providing an excellent view of the dock that lets you watch what's happening out on the water while relaxing in the bar with a drink or snack. There's free parking and easy access to Docklands Light Railway.

The watersports here has the advantage of direct access to both the Millwall Dock and the River Thames. The Dock is 25 acres of sheltered water that creates an ideal environment for beginners to safely learn a new watersport. The slipway allows the Centre direct access out onto the Thames so activities can be extended out onto a more challenging surface of water. The Centre is open year-round for sailing, dragon boat racing, traditional rowing and canoeing. Summertime is when they offer individual or group tuition though. The Thames and its docks are London's historic arteries that gave it life over the centuries; being out on the water here puts you in touch with the city's present but also its amazing past.

Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre, 235a Westferry Rd., Isle of Dogs, London E14; Tel: 020 7537 2626

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Docklands Watersports Club, Gate 14, King George V Dock, Woolwich Manor Way, London E16; Tel: 0171 511 7000

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