"The Gothic Rocket"

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jerril on February 7, 2001

The Gothic Rocket is a large black tower dedicated to a famous author (I can't remember. My English teacher is going to kill me.) that started tourism in Edinburgh.

It is the ugliest memorial I've ever seen.

But has that historical, deeper meaning, beauty. =) And look! If you haven't gotten enough exercise walking up all those hills you can climb all 590 some steps to the top of the memorial. You get a certificate souvenir if you climb all those steps. I'd prefer a cookie and a pat on the back. ;)

Because it's right in the middle of Prince's street and you can't miss at least seeing it from a distance, we decided it was worth actually going up to it and inspecting it up close.
The Gothic Rocket
Princes Street
Edinburgh, Scotland


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