The Hawthorne District: SoHo in Portland

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Elli Metz on March 6, 2001

When I moved from Philadelphia to the other coast, I thought I'd never find anything as cool as South Street---an artsy little district where people of all types mingled and coexisted peacefully in the midst of funky, little shops.

Portland's Hawthorne district cured me.

It's a fabulous place -- narrow streets lined with tiny, independent shops (you won't find a Blockbuster here, though I believe there's a Starbucks if you crave a little bit of mass-marketed coffee while shopping). It is mainly geared for those with a disposable income -- however, the people milling about don't seem to know that, or care. It's a very accepting place.

Some of the things along Hawthorne that you can't miss:

The Hawthorne is a must-see while you're here.

The Hawthorne District
lies across the Willamette River from downtown
Portland, Oregon

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