OMSI - Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by reddlaydee on February 18, 2001

The building is huge, and arranged into rooms which each focus on a certain type of science. One of my favorites is the Earth Sciences, in which you can ride the Earthquake machine (which feel just like a real California earthquake, something many people have never experienced)or learn how the tides work. In another room, a combination of medicine and industry, there is area in which you can explore disabilities. This is a great learing experience for children - they can put on glasses that make them see the way a color blind person does, or ride about a house in a wheelchair. Further on, you can see the stages of fetal developement, and like many of the displays, press a button to hear all about it. There is a room of new technology, in which you can experience your voice vacant of bass, and see where the future of sound and music may be headed.

Once you have explored the museum itself - there is enough that it takes hours to see, go relax in the Omnimax theater. It is an IMAX theater, which means that the screen actually curves around you, and you see the picture peripherally as well as right in front of you. Over the years I have taken flights through the Grand Canyon in IMAX, gone swimming with the whales, and been rocketed out into space. They always have one or two of these breath-taking, educational films showing, and no matter what topic, it is worth the experience. The cost to see as movie is the same as admission to the Museum, but sold separately. If you decide to visit, mark out an entire day for it - the kids won't want to leave, and most probably, you won't either.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
1945 South East Water Avenue
Portland, Oregon
(503) 797-0002

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