Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theater

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by lisamcgu on February 26, 2001

This theater is on Hollywood Boulevard right across the street from the El Capitan Theatre and the Roosevelt Hotel. Just down half a block is Hollywood High and there is a late night In 'n Out Burger just there on the corner - all kinds of tourist stuff right next to each other.

What can I say? The minute I got in front of the theater, I had to do it, check out the hand and footprints of every movie star I recognized. My only complaint is that I didn't want to stop. I was bummed when I'd exhausted the footprint supply. I wanted to stay and play some more while putting down the shrimpy movie stars.

It was the first thing I noticed, that movie stars are a tiny lot. Or, at least, their feet are. I realized, finally, after finding a large enough print to compare with my feet, that a footprint in cement makes a size 7-8 foot look like a size 5-6 foot. Nonetheless, most of these women had like size 2 feet, especially those casting the earliest prints, and the men weren't much better. I pictured the women being four feet tall and the guys reaching, maybe, five feet two.

Anyway, this is a definite tourist must and fun even for those who have already been there done that but are just waiting for the movie to start across the street.

Grauman's Chinese Theatre
6925 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, California
(323) 464-8111

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