A walk at Lovers' Point

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Barb B on September 18, 2000

A quiet walk along the beach at Lovers' Point is always a pleasant experience, even if the day is overcast and rainy. On a sunny and clear day you can watch the SCUBA divers as the enter and leave the water from the sheltered cove area or from the more exposed bay side. Parking is available near the grassy park area. In the grassy park area, you can enjoy marble sculptures of fish and butterflies (Butterflies are one of the city symbols of Monterey).

As you walk along the manicured paths and enjoy the flowers, you can see the commarants on the nearby rocks and hear the cry of the seagulls overhead. This is the area of the bay which was once the home of the numerous sardines which made Monterey famous and accounted for the many sardine cannerys along cannery row. Sadly, the sardines and canneries are now gone replaced by numerous tourists like you and me. As you walk further out toward the Asilomar area the waves become larger as they crash against the rocks. Admire the quaint houses along this area and envy the owners for their lovely views. After you finish your walk--there are 2 nice restaurants near the parking area: The Old Bath House restaurant and the Tinnery. Both are very good, all be they a bit pricey.

Lovers Point Park
Ocean View Blvd. and 17th St.
Pacific Grove, California


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