Old Sacramento

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Cheryl Morgan on February 22, 2001

Sacramento has a rather more extensive "old town" than Folsom, as befits its status as state capital. The area is a major tourist attraction and was very busy, even on the cold and rainy Sunday afternoon of this visit. I'm only going to be able to scratch the surface of what is available in this journal. For example, we did not have time to visit the Discovery Museum, the Military Museum or the exhibition of Russian dinosaurs (though quite what Russian dinosaurs have to do with historic California is another matter).

Old Sacramento had got to a pretty run down state by the time that someone thought it worthy of preservation and what you see today is a mixture of original buildings and reconstruction based on old photographs. The Wells Fargo building (which still has an ATM to continue its status as a functioning bank) contains a small museum that includes a painting of how the town looked before the coming of the railway. Some of the existing buildings, for example the Eagle Theatre, are easily recognisable.

The roadways of Old Sacramento have been stripped down to the original cobbles, and the historical atmosphere is further enhanced by the availability of rides in horse drawn carriages. I also noticed a man in a splendid Civil War uniform - presumably he worked in the Military Museum. However, the look of the place is marred, even more so than in Folsom, by the tourist shops. Take a look at the shopping entry and you will see what I mean.

For more information see the area's official web site.

Old Sacramento (Old Town)
1101 Second St
Sacramento, California, 95814
(916) 264-7777


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