The Napa Wine Train

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Barb B on September 12, 2000

Because I live in Napa, I've had many opportunities to enjoy the 'Wine Train.' It is THE place for locals to take our special out of town guests. It is not an inexpensive treat, but it is WELL worth the cost for such a pleasant and impressive experience. Over the past 10 years, I've probably been on the wine train at least 20 times, yet each time I have found it to be a wonderful and unique experience. If you have only one 'splurge' during your Napa visit, go for the Wine Train!

The Napa Wine Train is truly a wonderful experience, even if you are not a wine drinker. The vintage rail cars have been beautifully restored and offer a unique dining experience. The interiors have rubbed mahogany, polished brass and sparkling crystal throughout--reminiscent of an older, more glamorous and more opulent era. The train travels at a leisurely pace through the valley vinyards and the ride usually lasts about 3 hours.

During your trip you enjoy a fine meal of gourmet quality, prepared by an outstanding chef using only the freshest ingredients found in the valley. You will select you favorite appetizer and a salad, then choose from three entrees (usually meat, fish or chicken), and then enjoy one of the fabulous desserts. (I always choose the Chocolate Decadence!) Meals are served with style on white linen cloths with fine china and silverware. Of course, the wine selection is wonderful and you can order by the bottle or by the glass. You can view the Executive Chef and his staff preparing your meal in the glass on-board kitchen. The food is of the highest quality and truly of gourmet quality. On a few of our trips the chef has stopped at our table to visit and see if everything was satisfactory!

The train travels from the Napa Station on Soscol Avenue to the station in St. Helena and then returns. Unfortunately at this time, you cannot get on and off the train along the route. However plans are in the works for on-&-off stops in the future.

The train also offers many specialty trips such as a Mystery Dinner Train, Sunday Brunch Train, Gourmet Dinner Train, Vintners tasting luncheon, etc. During the holidays they even have a 'Kids Ride With Santa Train.'

Several dining options are offered: from the Luncheon Deli Car (serving deli sandwiches and other items), Champagne Vista Dome Car (my favorite)with a 'view from the top.' All are wonderful and the food and service are impeccable! So choose your price, but go for the BEST you can afford!!

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Napa Valley Wine Train
1275 McKinstry St.
Napa, California, 94559
(707) 253-2111

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