Sainte Chapelle

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Steve S. on January 12, 2001

Sainte Chappelle, begun in 1246, and built to house what Louis IX believed to be a piece of the cross of Christ, this church is known for it's stain glass. In fact, more stain glass than stone it would appear, especially from the inside. You enter through the lower chappel which is also quite ornate. The bright colors and gold gilding stand out and provide a nice backdrop for the small alter and statues that reside in the far end of the small chappel. Once you've seen all there is to see here (which doesn't take too long), you climb to the upper chappel and on a bright day as you exit the stairs you will be rewarded with one of the most awesome sights imaginable as the sun plays off of the colors in the stain glass. It is said that there are some 1,100 biblical scenes depicted in these windows but don't leave without noticing the ornate wood working and the small statues that grace the walls of the church.
For roughly $5, this was an inexpensive visit and there was practically no line at all. Allow maybe an hour at most to see Sainte Chappelle and remember your camera!
4 boulevard du Palais
Paris, France, 75001
+33 (1) 5340 6080

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