Dome des Invalides/Napoleon's Tomb

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by marciadarnell on April 15, 2001

The very size of Napoleon's tomb is amazing. It is a huge red porphery sarcogophus with six caskets inside. And thinking about the state funeral many years after Napoleon's death, and the proposal to bury him at St. Denis with the "other" French kings after this man was responsible for the deaths of so many French men who fell in his wars is an exercise in the way people can put a glow on the most unfortunate circumstances. There are other people entombed here also, including Joseph Bonaparte and Marshall Foch, whose memorial showing his men carring him on a pall is quite moving.

The museum is interesting for anyone who is interested in military paraphanalia from many ages, from suits of armor to modern(WWII)warfare. And the Invalides hospital, which still houses injured war veterans, is a wonderful building and worthy of a visit in itself.
Les Invalides/L'H├┤tel National des Invalides
Esplanade Des Invalides
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