Berlin's old and new surfaces - Part II

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Hal1026 on March 3, 2001

Continuing from Alexanderplatz by way of the subway system, I made my way to Potsdamer Platz, another of Berlin's most historic squares I'd been hearing so much about. With good reason too: emerging from underground the first thing that strikes you is the vastness of the square and the vastness of the building construction taking place here. In fact, during the 90's it became Europe's single biggest construction site.

Potsdamer Platz encompasses several buildings worth taking a close look at. There is the Preussischer Landtag, formerly housing the Prussian parliament, then the official residence of the East German prime minister, and these days serving as the seat of Berlin's regional parliament. If you like contemporary art, stop by the Martin-Gropius-Bau on the square, where exhibits reflecting Berliner art from the 19th century to the present take place. The Sony Center is worth a walk-around just for its sleekly dazzling exteriors. A true sign of the times as you walk from one location to the next around Potsdamer Platz: the outdoor vendors with their tables of communist era medals, weaponry, uniforms and other military kitsch, now only the collectibles of another of Germany's periods finally overcome.

Potsdamer Platz
Public Square, Center of Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 10785

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