Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Tavia on December 30, 2000

It's an excellent space, full of memorabilia and relics from rock and roll history as well as creative spaces for aspiring musicians (us visitors to the EMP). Plus, as an added bonus, the backing of Microsoft and Paul Allen have influenced the design of this place -- it's a high-tech, interactive museum where you can design your own music experience. You lead yourself through the museum with your own personal MEG (Museum Exhibit Guide) which hangs over your shoulder like a messenger bag, is about the size of a car radio, and has a remote attached to it. If you see a artifact in the museum that piques your interest, aim the remote at the artifact and your MEG will tell you (you're wearning earphones) about that artifact by plauying music, running off audios of newsreels or radioclips, or occassionally you'll have a celebrity narrate a particular part of the museum (they have an old punk rocker marrating the Punk Rock section). At first it's a bit bizarre to be walking around the joint and everyone has on headphones (they are included in the price of admission), but the amount of information MEG knows quickly won me over! There are three levels to this museum, each with their own shape and floorplan, which is a result of the amorphous and "swoopy" design of the museum.
EMP Museum at Seattle Center
325 Fifth Ave North
Seattle, Washington, 98109
(206) 770-2700


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