Famous Vincents Glass Bottom Boat

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Davis on January 11, 2001

Vincent is a very friendly/outgoing Jamaican. He would wave at me in the morning while cruising by our deck. He stopped one day to see if I was interested in a glass bottom boat ride. I wasn't, but as soon as he pulled away I remember that I had read that the glass bottom boat guides can take you snorkeling so the next time I saw him I waved him over and inquired. Sure enough!, he could take us.

We made arrangements for the next more and Vincent was right on time. He had several other people in the boat. A few that he had taken out deep sea fishing. They caught a huge tuna and we dropped them off at their hotel and 2 additional couples that would be joining my husband and I on the snorkeling trip. Basically, you get the snorkeling trip plus the glass boat boat ride for the same as it costs just for the boat ride. I had my head glued to the glass as soon as I boarded and boy did I see some spectacular sights--colorful fish and marine life.

When we arrived to our snorkel site, Vincent made sure that we all knew how to snorkel and had equipment. One gal had never been before. Vincent was very detailed at explaining the basics to her. Vincent is a great guide, he takes care of Jamaica's reef by making sure that everyone knows what area is deep/shallow and the "look don't touch" method of snorkeling/scuba. Vincent even went with us and guided us around pointing out fish, eels, etc. He mentioned that if there was anything that we wanted to touch, let him know and if it was possible he would tell us. He brought some bread along and we all feed a school of stripped fish. When we swam through a shallow area, Vincent made sure that everyone checked their mask in the deeper water so that no one would accidentally damage coral/underwater life. We had such a good time snorkeling and talking with Vincent that the next day my husband went out with him just to hang out and talk to him.
Famous Vincents Glass Bottom Boat
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Negril, Jamaica


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