Pushkin and Catherine II Palace

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Puskin is another suburb of St Petersburg I highly recommend visiting. It was formerly called Tsarskoe Selo (which means in translation "tsar's village"). It is home to the liceum and the palace of Catherine II.

This liceum was a school for elite in the 19th century, and Pushkin studied here. It was also at this location that Pushkin read his poetry to Derzhavin, who was the most admired Russian poet of the 18th century. Derzhavin was very impressed by Pushkin's poetry and encouraged him to continue with his great gift.

The other place definitely worth visiting in Pushkin is Catherine Palace which is the place where Catherine II lived and died. The palace of Catherine II is very beautiful, built in baroque style, and it is probably most well known for the Amber room. It is the most intriguing, mysterious and sought after work of art today. It was a rather large room where walls were covered with amber carved panels and mirrors. During World War II when the Nazis occupied the palace, they dismantled the room and piece by piece sent it together with other cultural masterpieces to Germany. Yet many think that the room never reached Germany and has been missing since 1944. Some think that it is still somewhere in Kaliningrad (Konigsberg); some think it's somewhere in Switzerland in private collection.

The palace had the same fate as other palace around St Petersburg. It was almost entirely destroyed by the Nazis during World War II but was rebuilt since and there is constant restoration effort ongoing. They even started to recreate the Amber room.

You should also walk along the alleys of the garden which is maintained in that curvy English-style landscape that looks so gorgeous.

Tsarskoe Selo
St. Petersburg, Russia


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