St Isaac's Cathedral

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by roza4 on February 19, 2001

This is really a must. The cathedral has this appearance of greatness about it that is just remarkable. The construction of the cathedral took 20 years and its architect Montferrand died right after it was built as if just hanging on to see his child in all its glory. There is a small exhibit inside the cathedral about the history of its construction. As all the orthodox churches it has the golden cupola. During the World War II it was covered with fabric to prevent the Nazi planes from bombing the cathedral. Yet if you walk along the columns you can see bullets stuck in the red granite. This is just a small reminder of the war that was now over 50 years ago.

The inside of the cathdral is really grandious. The ceiling was painted by a very famous Russian painter Karl Bryullov. The ceiling is incredible, it contains all the main themes from the Bible, the most recognizable of which are Adam and Eve, and the 4 prophets. The walls are covered with the mosaics which were created by slave painters. Each square in the mosaic is about 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch and every mosaic took about 3-4 years to make. Also if you stay inside long enough and listen to different tours you might be able to hear the story of at least 2 of the 4 gates in the cathedral.

If it's not windy which is quite rare, you might be able to climb to the collonade and get a panoramic view of the city.

St. Isaac's Cathedral
Isaakievskaya Ploshchad 1
St. Petersburg, Russia

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