Split Rock State Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by unorthodox traveler on January 8, 2001

This is a very popular park for tourists. On the very hot day I was there, hundreds of people of all ages were having fun sliding down a natural water slide.

Over millions of years, the forces and power of nature has worn a 30 foot water slide between very slippery red rock walls along Oak Creek Canyon. This gift from nature is appreciated by hundreds every day.

The water is cold. Also,its helpful,almost necessary to wear a pair of old sneakers to save your feet from the sometimes rocky bottom. Also, its best to wear heavy shorts/bathing suit due to the abrasions of sliding down the chute.

Getting to the slide is easy...park your car along the highway and walk through the apple orchard, that dates to 1912. According to the Park Ranger, there are 13 varieties of apples, including red delicious and Arkansas Black. Apple cider is sold at the refreshment stand. Every Saturday there is a ranger-narrated history program at this park.

Oak Creek Canyon
331 Forest Rd
Sedona, Arizona, 86336
(928) 282-7722


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