Member Rating 3 out of 5 by kylebarber on January 7, 2001

I was warned by many locals that this bar is pretty snooty and that the boys are neither friendly or talkative. But I had no trouble striking up a conversation with some of the folks at the well-lit and casual Blake's. It does seem to attract a younger and more professional crowd, but for me that is a definite plus. It's also a bit cruisier than other bars in Atlanta, but for someone who's just visiting from out of town, another big plus...

Downstairs is the main bar, a large square in the center of the room with boys seated at the counter or lined up along the wall. It's not hard to make eye contact or navigate your way to a friendly stranger. Upstairs is a more relaxed setting where they show videos, have a pool table, and provide comfortable seating. It's a much more social area, though you can order drinks and cruise cute Southerners up here equally well as downstairs.

Off to the side of this room is a large outdoor patio that got quite crowded early on in the evening. Despite the heavy haze of smoke, this is perhaps the best place to stand and model, as the young folks gravitate out here all evening. It's also a good place to catch the evening breezes that temper the afternoon's lingering heat.

227 10th Street NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30309
(404) 892-5786

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