Muir Woods National Monument

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kylebarber on January 7, 2001

This is perhaps one of the most famous nature spots in the world, and rightly so. Over 550 acres of land are smothered with thick, tall trees that reach up higher than one can see. The babbling Redwood Creek cuts through the park and is teeming with animal life. And ferns, moss and other small plants dot the forest floor, making a soft carpet of bright green to cushion your blow when stumbling over gigatic tree roots.

There are over six miles of hiking trails to explore, with extensions out of the park for the mosre adventurous traveller. I followed three of the Redwood Canyon Loop Walks and saw a variety of surroundings. I kept wanting to go deeper into the forest, forgetting that I had to walk back the same distance once I gre tired.

Muir Woods National Monument is named after the legendary conservationist John Muir who is largely responsible for kickstarting the environmental awareness movement. Today's park is truly a stroke of luck that loggers had a hard time getting over the mountain to this remote area. It was bought up by a congressman, donated to the federal government, and made a national monument, ensuring that future generations could experience what northern California would truly look like if humans hadn't settled the land 200 years ago.

Muir Woods National Monument
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