Sutter's Fort State Historic Park

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Sutter's Fort is where Sacramento really began. John Sutter emigrated to Sacramento and began building the adobe fort in 1840. The fort enclosed a self-contained, tiny town within the thick walls, which included a bakery, blanket factory, workshops, Sutter's home, called "Central Building," and quarters for some of his workers. While Sutter's Fort isn't where gold was first discovered in California, it was one of John Sutter's employees, James W. Marshall, who found the first glittering nuggets while building a sawmill on the south fork of the American River about 50 miles away.

The buildings at Sutter's Fort have been renovated, and the fort is open to the public.

Sutter's Fort SHP State Historic Park
2701 L St
Sacramento, California, 95816
(916) 445-4422

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