Jorvik Viking Centre

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by jj2 on December 13, 2000

The Jorvik Viking Centre qualifies more as a historic site than a museum (though it certainly has an excellent collection of artifacts) because it is the enclosed site of the excavation of an actual Viking village. This is remarkable because the Vikings constructed their dwellings from wood and degradable materials. At this site, the foundations and other artifacts were preserved by water-logged soils for roughly 1000 years.

Like many English tour sites (e.g., Oxford Story, Canterbury Tales) you will ride through the exhibit on automatically guided carts. The path winds in, through and around various buildings that have been recreated. All of your senses will be engaged at some point during the tour. Hold your nose as you approach the Viking "outhouse!" The fascinating thing about the recreation is that it is exactly built to the plan of the excavated village. Later in the tour you will pass by a true excavation of one of the huts that was recreated (only the foundation remains). As you leave, several artifacts have been placed to be touched, but read the labels carefully as you might be surprised.

Due to the authentic nature of the excavation, I found this exhibit very enjoyable.

Jorvik Viking Centre
15-17 Coppergate Walk
York, United Kingdom, YO1 9WT
+44 (1) 904643211

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