12th Street Beach

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by kylebarber on December 9, 2000

While the beach itself may not be much compared to other destinations in southern Florida, South Beach's 12th Street Beach is highly popular due to its central location and the handsome boys that come to sunbathe here. If all the people look like they just stepped out of a magazine, it's because they really did. Fashion models are littered generously among the beauties laid out on the sand, and everyone is so "fabulous" they that might all as well be models, too. They certainly all consider themselves to be celebrities…

I don't think that the swimming is so great at South Beach, but once again, this beach crowd is definitely here to get some sun and put on a show. While this is not why I like to visit the ocean, I have to admit that I enjoyed the performance nonetheless.

12th Street Beach
Ocean Drive at 12th Street
South Beach


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