Walking around the historic Old Town

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by samepenny on December 2, 2000

The fjord is long, deep and narrow. Then you have the sight of the oil rig manufacturing docks, the inner harbor, Vagen. Stepping up from the harbor is the Old Town of Stavanger. Plenty strong legs are needed to make the climb. It's no small piece of work after a couple weeks on a luxury ship. Very close to the harbor is an area of very nice, very old, wooden houses and shops. The streets are made of cobbles and very narrow. The buildings are white with dark trim. Here and there a window. The ceilings are 7 feet or less. These rooms were built to contain heat during the long, dark Norweigian winters. Guide Pereon's very tall husband didn't feel comfortable.

A few very small cars were parked near to the houses and shops, but I wouldn't say it was easy parking. I wouldn't want to try to keep a car in an area like this. The shops are sprinkled in among the houses. The signs are very small. We found beautiful silver pieces and jewelry on sale, at better prices than in the big cities. The older houses have better locations to capture sunlight in the winter. The newer ones are stuffed in odd points in less favorable situations. Flowers and plants are in every window, window box and planter. A beautiful city.

Stavanger is a city I really want to return to.

Old Town (Gamle Stavanger)
Up from the waterfront
Stavanger, Norway


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