Reunion Tower, Hyatt Regency Dallas

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jeffrey on July 7, 2001

Reunion Tower is a landmark on the Dallas skyline, built adjacent to (and operated by) the 1,122 room Hyatt Regency Dallas. Reunion Tower is a 50 story, 560 foot tower in downtown Dallas with a 118 foot sphere at the top. The sphere is covered with lights that when turned on at night, provide a light show for all of downtown to see.

The sphere at the top provides three levels of activities, reached by fantastic glass elevators, that take you up or down the entire height of the tower in just over a minute. If you prefer the stairs, there is an 837-step stairway.

The first and lowest level of the sphere is The Lookout, a panoramic public observation deck ($1 kids, $3 adults). As you walk around the tower on this level, there are signs that point out the major places/things you can see in each direction. I hope to come here to see July 4th fireworks!

The second and intermediate level is home to Antare's Restaurant (named after the brightest star in the Scorpio constellation). They are open for lunch (casual), dinner (jackets requested at dinner), and Sunday brunch. Reservations are recommended. The panoramic restaurant slowly rotates about once an hour, providing great views of Dallas and the surrounding areas, day and night.

The third and highest level of Reunion Tower is The Dome, a cocktail lounge that rotates (Cocktails with a twist and a turn) at the same rate as Antares.

Not matter which level you visit, Reunion Tower provides views of everything downtown, and depending on the weather, views of Dallas suburbs and major sights. You can easily see Reunion Arena (next door to the south), and its replacement to the north, the American Airlines Arena/Center. You can also see Texas Stadium to the is home to the Dallas Cowboy's of the National Football Leaque (see other journal entry). To the north you have vantage points of Dealey Plaza, the JFK Memorial, the Sixth Floor Museum (in the old School Book Respository), and the famous grassy knoll.

If your visit to Dallas is to work or play in downtown Dallas, this Hyatt is very well situated. No matter where you are staying or what you are doing in the Dallas metropolitan area, a trip up Reunion Tower is a must-see must-do during your visit. While you are at Reunion Tower there is much more you can see and do nearby. Dealey Plaza, the 6th Floor Museum, the modest JFK Memorial, and "old red" City Hall (with an excellent visitors center) are all in easy walking distance of Reunion Tower. There is much more to see downtown within short driving distance of Reunion Tower. You can visit Fair Park, the Dallas Aquarium, The Plaza of the Americas, the West End entertainment district, historic McKinney Avenue, Farmers Market, and Pioneer Plaza. I have journal entries on many of these sights.

Reunion Tower
300 Reunion Blvd
Dallas, Texas, 75207
+1 214 651 1234

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