Pioneer Plaza

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jeffrey on April 23, 2001

Pioneer Plaza is a 4+ acre city park in downtown Dallas created (opened in 1995) to capture Dallas' western heritage. To do this, artist Robert Summers created a series (about 3 dozen) of spectacular and larger than life bronze longhorn steer and cowboy sculptures that collectively (and very effectively) recreate a cattle drive, in a park setting of plants, trees, water stream, and waterfall. Pioneer Plaza is one of the world's largest bronze monuments.

Pioneer Plaza is located downtown at the corner of Young and Griffin streets, between the Dallas Convention Center and Dallas City Hall. The location of the park was near the original Shawnee Trail, and the site of many cattle drives.

The longhorn steer and cowboy sculptures are situated on a long hill, that looks amazingly like a cattle drive by 3 cowboys of a herd of longhorn steers. The steers are "running" down a long hill and through a water stream. One cowboy is on attentive vigil high above the herd (think of Jack Palance as Curly in the movie "City Slickers").

The sculptures and the setting are very detailed. Each longhorn steer has a brand (Big D - what else?) visible, and has other details. The cowboy sculptures are also detailed...the detail in the boots (including spurs that spin) and saddle were all there. The angles of the sculptures makes it look like they are really running.

Pioneer is very popular. During our visit, people were posing non-stop with or on (despite numerous signs to stay off) the sculptures. Since the walkway is made of gravel, I wouldn't wear sandals. My daughter had to constantly take her sandals off to remove pebbles. An excellent no-cost activity.

Pioneer Plaza
Young and Griffin Streets
Dallas, Texas, 75202
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