Coney Island

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kylebarber on November 26, 2000

Coney Island is not a typical amusement park for taking the family out for a day. Each thrill ride is owned and operated by different companies or individuals, and the open field of Coney Island is surrounded by project housing. But if you're a history buff who enjoys seeing a glimpse of the way New York City used to be before its current mallification, you'll want to come out to Coney Island for an afternoon.

The rusting shells of abandoned thrill rides haunt the quiet, narrow seashore. You can still enjoy the ancient Wonder Wheel attraction, which towers over everything in sight and offers great views on clear days. And the Cyclone doesn't disappoint roller coaster enthusiasts who love the unpredictable rickety ride that a wooden coaster provides. Of course in between all the thrill rides and carny games you can stuff your face with a wide variety of junk food, including the original Nathan's hot dog. Better yet is to make a quick detour over to Totonno's for the the best pizza in New York City.

Coney Island Beach, Boardwalk, Amusement Parks
Surf Avenue
Brooklyn, New York, 11224
(718) 372-0275

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