Strawberry Banke Museum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Kirstie on August 1, 2000

The Strawberry Banke Museum brings to life over 300 years of history in one of America's oldest continuously occupied neighborhoods. Located on 10 acres, Strawberry Banke offers educational and fun programs for both children and adults. Of course, if you grew up in New England, and were subjected to Strawberry Banke-type field trips more than you care to imagine, you may choose to forgo the formal tours, and instead just wander around the old neighborhood and look at the houses on your own time. Originally settled in 1630, Strawberry Banke was a thriving waterfront community 300 years ago. Now, it is recreated and restored, and open to the public. After wandering around The Banke, head across the street to Prescott Park for a walk along the river, and if you are lucky, you may see a couple of harbor seals playing in the water. Visit the Strawberry Banke website at to learn more.
Strawbery Banke
Hanover Street
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03802
(603) 433-1100

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