Improv Asylum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by PabloDiablo on June 7, 2000

If you're bored of going to the movies every weekend, or you're wandering around the North End looking for something to do besides eat, or you happen to be with a date after eating at Lodo (only 1 or 2 doors down), stop by the Improv Asylum. A show there lasts about 2 hours, and it's a pretty funny one at that. There were a few down spots, but in general the crowd was kept laughing and entertained. It's a small theater, with the stage in the middle of the floor, so every seat (with the exception of a few views a little hurt by support columns) is a good one.
216 Hanover St
Boston, Massachusetts, 02113
+1 617 263 6887

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