Museo do Indio (Indian Museum)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by parramore on December 4, 2000

This museum features exhibitions exploring the history and culture of Brazil's major Indian groups (Tupi-Guarani, Ge, and Tapuias). When I visited, there was an installation centered around themes of birth, life, and death in Indian culture.

I enjoyed the reproductions of typical Indian dwellings, from the more traditional Une of Xingu (pronounced Shingu) tribe with its hammocks radiating from the center, to structures that have expanded to include room for modern items like sewing machines and lines for drying tee-shirts and other Western-style clothing. The instruments and traditions associated with birth were also intriguing--including the rule in one tribe that a woman have three months to rest after childbirth in which the family and husband would care for the newborn.
Museu do ├Źndio
Rua das Palmeiras, 55
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 22270-070
+55 21 22868799

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