King Henry's Feast

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by willow on November 14, 2000

We were not told to call ahead for reservations and though we bought tickets 3 weeks ahead of time and arrived one hour early, we were not seated until 30 minutes into the show. The show was fair and the juggler was amazingly skillful. The food was awful, typical institutional type food- unseasoned and served without flair. Family style.
The menu: roast pork, boiled potatoes, salad and bread, served with wine or Pepsi. The waitress never returned to fill our drinks. When we served ourselves from the allotted bowls there was barely enough for the 4 of us and the family of 5 who shared our table.
What we could see of the show was entertaining, but I've seen better perfomances on street corners.
To top it off, our waitress returned at the end of the show and handed me a note demanding a $28 tip, 20% of the $140 cost of our show tickets. I gave her $5 which was still more than she deserved.
Don't waste your time or money on this show. There is much better entertainment available.
King Henry's Feast
8984 International Drive
Orlando, Florida

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