Pioneer Plaza of Dallas

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by samepenny on June 14, 2002

In about 1992 when downtown Dallas was in an economic slump, local business leaders decided to take a parking lot next to the Dallas Convention Center and make it into a fine park and outdoor art gallery for all to enjoy for free. The second most visited place in downtown Dallas after Dealy Plaza, this is an incredibly realistic depiction of a real cattle drive.

The artist, Robert Summers, of the wee town of Glen Rose, Texas still makes and sells exact duplicates of some of the statues. For slightly over $60,000 plus shipping and set up expenses, you can have your own 'yard art' of a very high order.

This is an excellent place to visit in downtown Dallas. After all, you already have the car parked! Do it!

Pioneer Plaza
Young and Griffin Streets
Dallas, Texas, 75202
+1 214 953 1184

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