Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aquayo

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The largest of the San Antonio Missions, San Jose is still an active church. It is a state park and a National Historic Site. It was founded in 1720 and the church was built between 1768 and 1787. The entire mission compound, surrounded by a large wall, has been restored. The outer wall contains Indian dwellings. There are a granary and workshops. There is an old flour mill outside the north wall, built in about 1790--the first in Texas.

People who have visited Santa Fe New Mexico will recognize the building styles. I love the Rose window. Visitors are welcome in the church, however the church does have regular religious activities: masses and weddings etc. There is a small gift shop.

It can be extremely hot in San Antonio in the summer months so be advised that there is a lot of outdoor walking around if you want to see the entire mission. If you're not careful you can get sunburned quickly. It is worth the time and effort to visit this mission. It is interesting to imagine what life must have been like over 200 years ago.

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San Jose Mission
6701 San Jose Drive
San Antonio, Texas, 78214
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