Baseball -- Giants at Pac Bell Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Big Louie on September 7, 2001

Pac Bell is simply gorgeous. Even if you don't like baseball, you will enjoy the ballpark. The ballpark is right on the water, so you can see the San Francisco Bay, the Bay Bridge, assorted ships and sailboats. Although most games are sold out, bleacher seats are available on the day of the game. Plus, many people sell extra tickets in front of the park. All of the seats are decent. The upper deck is a little far away, but you can walk throughout the park with any ticket. It's easy to find a spot in the bleachers. There are actually free standing room spots outside the park below the right field wall. Just walk toward the water by right field and you will find it -- a not well-known but very fun spot, especially for nurturing the kid in you. It feels like old-time baseball.

The food and drink inside the park is extensive (micro-brews, garlic fries, krispy kreme donuts, burgers, dogs, etc.) but it is very expensive. Save yourself some cash by bringing in sandwiches or burritos from a local joint. There are several cafes and a cantina on South Park, just two blocks from Pac Bell. If you bring beverages, make sure they are in plastic bottles, as glass is not allowed in.

AT&T Park/San Francisco Giants Ballpark
24 Willie Mays Plaza at Third and King Streets
South Beach, San Francisco, 94103
(877) 734-1001

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