Horseback Riding at Yosemite

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Mrs. J on October 18, 2000

For some, experiencing the beauty of Yosemite by horseback is the best way. Tell that to my 8-year-old son who took a two-hour ride with us leaving from the Wawona Stables last spring. The horses follow each other in a straight line during the trip and his horse was right behind 'old gassy the geezer,' or so our son name him. The rest of us had a very good time. We had to leave our 4-year-old daughter with her grandmother to play on the grounds of the Wawona Hotel because the lower age limit is 7 years. She was indignant but enjoyed playing around the hotel grounds with her grandmother. The rides cost $35 and depart several times daily. Longer rides are available--half-day at $46 and all-day at $70. If you're not an experienced rider and don't want to have a sore bottom don't take longer than a two-hour ride. Also available are multi-day trips into the backcountry. The website for more details about horseback riding in Yosemite is
Wawona Stable
Wawona Meaadow
Yosemite National Park, California

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