Simon's Town

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Simon Town could be a coastal city like any other. However since 1983, some special inhabitants came to invade the beaches of the town. An overall total of 2350 adult penguins live there. The place is favoured as a penguin's breeding locality because there are fewer predators than elsewhere along the coast. The park bushes provide ample shade for nesting birds.

The increasing number of penguins in and around Simon Town is becoming a problem. Neighbouring humans have complained about the noise, especially at night when penguins are most vocal, and of the smell of guano. Anyway these penguins are easy to approach, and the tourists are pleased. Simon Town is 45 km from Cape Town on the main road leading to Cape of Good Hope.

Boulders Beach (Penguin Colony)
4 Boulders Place Simon's Town
Cape Town, South Africa
+27 (21) 786 1758

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