Info Box at Potsdammer Platz

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by travel2000 on November 1, 2000

This is a temporary building with documentary and excellent models of the new construction in Potsdammer Platz. When the Wall came down, the land on each side was completely deserted and undeveloped (please see entry on Potsdamer Platz for full history.) I say this building is temporary because the structure is to be moved to a new location in the area when all the construction is finished.

Inside this bright red building (you can't miss it), there are exhibits, some interactive and computerized, to show the history of the site and the process leading up to the new construction. Most of the explanations were bilingual. On the top floor, there are many beautiful models of the urban planning of the area. To reach the roof (called the Observation Platform) you need to pay DM2. I found the view from the lower terrace sufficient. There was a hot-air balloon a short distance away that took viewers up for a couple of minutes. It looked like fun but I would imagine the roof view would be easier to get to and cheaper!

There is also a small gift shop with postcards, books and various small items for sale. You can buy a stamp at the cashier and drop your postcard in the special mail box. It will have a special postmark from the Info Box.

Potsdamer Platz
Public Square, Center of Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 10785

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