Santa Catalina Convent

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Anne Silver on October 27, 2000

A city within a city and a photographers delight. Secluded from the public for almost 400 years it was opened in the 1970's. I enjoyed wandering and imagining what life was like there. 450 nuns occupied this city at the height of it's population. Parents would donate a daughter, but would have to give a dowery large enough to support her. While it was claimed that the nuns all had similar conditions, it was obvious to me that some had it better than others. Most of the nuns had servants. It wasn't cheap to be a nun. At a certain point nuns with lesser financial situations were accepted. This combined with many earthquakes brought down the city. Today a small portion is still occupied by nuns.
Convento de Santa Catalina
Calle Santa Catalina 301
Arequipa, Peru
+51 54 229798

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