Green Lake

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Europe_lover on September 13, 2000

Green Lake is the place that many Seattlites go whenever the sun shows its face. It doesn't matter if the outside temperature is 40 or 90. The place is buzzing with people when the sun comes out. It is surrounded by a community that cherishes this little lake in their backyard. Small cafes, boutiques and shops surround the lake. You can have a Starbucks espresso as you people watch. Volleyball and baseball are played on the southeastern edge of the park, but most people just walk around the paved path and enjoy a slow talk and long looks at others. Rollerblades can be rented at a sporting goods shop on the eastern most edge of the park near Albertson's.

Greenlake lacks good parking, so your best bet is to drive up and down side streets once you've located the lake. Most local shops enforce their private parking policies stringently.

Green Lake Park
720 East Green Lake Drive North
Seattle, Washington, 98115
+1 206 684 4074

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