Place Vendome

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Place Vendome is a circular shape square in the middle of which is Colonne de Vendome. The Colonne (column), which is 44 meters (144 ft) tall, is covered in bronze and has very dark green color that is so characteristic of bronze aging with time. The column is a monument to the Battle at the Austerlitz (1805), which is so masterfully written by Leo Tolstoy in "War and Peace". The column has scenes of the battle sculpted on the pedestal and all around it all the way to the very top, where you can see a statue of Napoleon as Ceasar. The square in May of last year had also several modern sculptures on exposition. This square is the place where the most expensive jewelry and optical stores are located in Paris. Here you will find Cartier, Chanel, and also Hotel Ritz as well as one of the French Ministries.
Place Vendôme
rue de la Paix
Paris, France, 75001
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