Lorretto Chapel

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The Loretto Chapel is home to the "miraculous staircase". It was originally built by the Loretto nuns of the Catholic religion. For many years it was used as a chapel in worship, but because of disrepair, it was sold to a private owner.

When the chapel was built, no plans were made to build a staircase to the choir loft. Years later, a man appeared one day to build the staircase. He did not tell the Loretto nuns his name. Each day he worked on the staircase using only a hammer, a saw and a T-square. Once the staircase was completed, he disappeared.

No nails were used to build the staircase and the wood has been tested. It has been deemed as not coming from anywhere on earth. Tests were done on the staircase that showed it physically could not hold the weight of a person. I saw three young kids stand on the staircase.

If you don't go just to see the "miraculous staircase", the story is at least worth the admission price. Pass up the gift shop. The prices for the pieces are astonishing. It's almost sickening to see something sacred made into a money-making business.

Loretto Chapel
207 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501
(505) 982-0092


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