The Winchester Mystery House

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by IWW639 on September 3, 2000

In the entire time that I lived in San Jose, I never went to the Winchester House. It was only five minutes from my house, too. I did, however, go when I was a kid with my parents. I remember that it was not all that I expected. Yes, doors went to nowhere and stairs too. I didn't really comprehend why Mrs. Winchester, of the rifle fame, had built the house the way that she had. Apparently, she was obeying the spirits that lived with her. They would tell her to start building stairs in one place and then redirect her attention in another part of the house. They hold special night time tours that I think would be the way to go now. They only do them around Halloween, though. Construction never stopped on the house, and chances are that you will see scaffolding and workers during a tour. The architecture is grand and the work has always been done by quality craftsmen and artisans. As a kid, I expected a haunted house, like at Disneyland.

The price is around $15 for an hour long tour, but don't quote me.

Winchester Mystery House
525 South Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, California, 95128
(408) 247-2101

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