Member Rating 3 out of 5 by helenka on October 1, 2000

It is what it proclaims to be: a minature version of Europe (at least of its most prominent landmarks). It is, of course, very touristy--but what can you expect? It CAN be fun, IF (1) you are a small child (2) you are with a small child (3) you have the mindset of a small child. A special case: also fun, if you have a few Belgian beers in you (exactly how many depends on your level of tolerance). It provides for some great photo-ops (I'm Gulliver!). It is similar to Madurodam (mini-Holland, near the Hague), with one important difference: mini-Europe's models can be operated at the push of a button. You can make Vesuvius erupt, or--my personal favorite--reenact the fall of the Berlin wall. The best part comes after you've watched the bulldozer destroy a piece of the wall. The machine rewinds itself, and the fallen stones pop right back in. The wall is whole again (that is, until the next person pushes the button)! A final note: the exit was surprisingly difficult to find. Maybe, it was those beers after all...
Voetballaan 1 Avenue du Football
Brussels, Belgium, 1020
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