Member Rating 4 out of 5 by guille88 on August 18, 2000

Every Sunday really early in the morning, right by the port, a very interesting event takes place: the Fischmarkt (fishmarket). So the game plan is to go have fun on Saturday night (so you don't have to wake up early) and then head straight to the Fischmarkt around 5 am. Once you are in there, you can get fresh fruit or try one of the many typical seafood dishes like a 'North Sea Shrimp Sandwich' (I strongly recommend it.). There are also souvenir stands so you can get small boats in a bottle or T-shirts; beer stands, etc. It's a very lively market. Don't miss it if you happen to be in Hamburg on a Sunday. And when you're finished visiting the market, you can head to one of the Kneipe (small bars) to have some local beer and listen to some folk music live.
Hamburg Fischmarkt
Große Elbstraße at the Bank of Elbe River
Hamburg, Germany, 22767

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