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On a foggy morning I visited Pashupatinath, on the banks of Bagmati river. This is a holy place for Hindus. This is a sanctuary devoted to Shiva. Shiva along with Vishnu and Brahma are the most important gods. A lot of Nandi (Nandi is the messenger of Shiva, it is always represented as a bull) statues decorate a large avenue which lead to the top of a wooden hill. Here you could find a temple inhabited by monkeys.

Near the river stand the gaths where the bodies of dead are burned, ashes follow the flood until the holy Gange. During the funeral ceremony I met a strange Sadhu who proposed to lift a 50 kg stone with his you know what! I declined his proposal so I didn't know if he was able to do so.

Pashupatinath Temple
Banks of the Bagmati River
Kathmandu, Nepal

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