Brick Lane Market (and curry)

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by stuart on August 29, 2000

You'll be amazed by Brick Lane market, whether you want a bike for £30 or a bath towel you will find someone trying to sell it to you here. It's a maze of household goods, junk and jumble. But it's only open on Sunday mornings.

Every day in Brick Lane there's another major attraction as well, the area is one of London's vibrant ethnic communities:

it is the ideal place to come for anything 'Indian' (which covers several countries in the Indian subcontinent).

The shops around here sell spices, cloth, jewelry, Bollywood videos and music. But you came here for the curry, and the curry you shall have. Everything from sumptuous pricey restaurants to the plastic and chrome cafes. It's the latter that are best and if you check before sitting down what they have to offer, you'll find something to suit your taste (especially if you're a vegetarian) - and you don't spend a lot.
Brick Lane Market
Brick Lane
London, England, E1

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