Party in Barranco

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by jurgen on August 21, 2000

Barranco, on the Pacific coast of Lima, is the place to be on weekend nights. Grau and Bolognesi are packed with bars, pubs, disco's and restaurants. The disco only start to fill after midnight, so don't go there too early. I don't know the official closing time, but when I was there it was at least 5 in the morning. Peruvians love to dance on Salsa music, so 50% of the night you'll hear salsa. If you are lucky some nice chicas will teach you how to dance on the salsa music...

A lot of guidebooks speak about La Noche on Bolognesi. I didn't like it.. It is a huge place with several bars and dance floors. The only problem is that the dance floors (on the Saturday I visited) were packed with chairs. Our effort to start a party on one of the dance floors was not appreciated and the chairs we had removed were quickly returned. Since we wanted to dance we left the place and had a lot of fun in the dancings next to la Noche.

Barranco District
Costa Central De Lima
Lima, Peru, 04

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