The Kremlin: Seat of Power (Part II)

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The architecture that dominates the Cathederal Square is the Ivan the Great Bell Tower. This was built between 1505 and 1508 by Bon Fryazin. It is 81 meters high and later on a multi staged belfry was added. On this square is also found the Faceted Hall or so called Tsar's Palace. This contains the chamber where foreign ambassadors were received by the Tsar. Although the outer portion of the building has changed over the centuries, the main chamber's decorations are intact although the wall paintings were not added until 1882. The real masterpiece of the palace architecture is the Terem Palace constructed from 1635-1636 by Russian Masters. It's outer appearance and inner scenes go a long way to clearup what old Russia really looked like. Of great interest is the 17th century three floor palace for the Patriarch known as the Patriarch's chamber. Today this section is used to house the Museum of Russian Folk and Applied Art of the 12th Century. Also of great interest is the aresenal building which was built in the early 1700s. In 1851, the architect, Konstantin Ton, built an armory that is the storage site for thousands of pieces of foreign and Russian applied art, ancient weapons and armor, gold and silver plates, jewelery, precious clothes, embroidery, old Russian books, minatures, and carriages. Specifically the state regalia of the Tsar's crowns, bejeweled diamond scepters, and other wonders are to be found. The Grand Kremlin Palace contains the hall where the State Duma holds conferences in what is now Post Soviet Russia.
The Kremlin
Entrance From Red Square
Moscow, Russia, 103073
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