The Rock

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by jwagner on August 26, 2000

You can see the rock from the highway as you speed across Costa Del Sol in Spain toward Gibraltar. An imposing site, the Rock is home to the famous Apes that were brought across the Mediteranian from Northern Africa. You can take a van tour to the top or take the trolley from main street. Either way, you'll stop at the Ape's Den half way up to see the tailless monkeys. These beasts are mostly domesticated and will steal snacks or baseball caps if you aren't careful. Guides warn that the apes will bite, but we weren't that unfortunate. This is a good photo op and a bit of fun. But more interesting is the history of the rock.

The Brits used it in the war in the 1700s to point guns down on the Spanish opposition. Earlier, in the 1400s, the Rock was home to a Moorish castle. Inside the cave are badly reproduced displays of life inside the rock, complete with circa 1960s department store mannequins. You also get a good view up here of the Trafalgar Cemetery, which is divided into sections for Christians, Jews and Muslims. You can spend most of a day here, a very enjoyable day with great views, interesting history, and the enchanting apes.
Rock of Gibraltar (Top of the Rock)

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